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Day 1 - Jerusalem / Waves of thoughts

- Tear all the mechanism apart, identify the key issues, repair and re-assembled.

Seven in the morning, the bus station with shopping mall is still full of lifelessness.

Here is the new city of Jerusalem, people are still in bed to enjoy the last part of their dream. The fresh air is shared with less souls and clear.


Day 0 - Every great journey starts from the very first step

 - Checking To Do List, and two more countries are checked.

9th, June, my first journey began. From Bratislava, Slovakia to Tel Aviv, Israel.


One more start,Bratislava Slovakia

- A journey of miles begins with a single step. -- Laozi

We might start from this step: I'm about to start a new life in Budapest.


Another milestone - Residence Permit issued and issues.

By the time in November, my Working holiday visa was officially expired, which only allowed me to work for half a year in one year duration in Slovakia.

As the offer of my company in Bratislava is quite good and it's hard to say good-bye to my Slovak friends, I decided to apply for the Temporary Residence(TR) in Slovakia.

Which the second worst nightmare of my life.


My new start - Bratislava,Slovakia

After last Eastern Slovakia trip,all the things just went well in Bratislava(BA). I got the flat without any problem and the interview invitation a few days later. Till now,the company truly shows that they would like to hire me too.
The last week of April,since it would be my last week of freedom,I should attend as many activities as possible to enjoy everything and time.